Sunday, May 17, 2015

What can YOU do in 13 Days?

This 2014-15 School year is coming to an end and there's officially 13 school days left. Have you heard the saying, "you only have__days left in school!" From my PLN via #txeduchat, the conversation addressed what if we looked at the end of the year as, "only 13 more days to make a difference?'

An Educator, shared this blog, and I wanted to share these ideas with you. I wanted to share 13 short and inspiring things you can do to make a difference in a child's life between now and June 4th. I challenge you to pick ONE for each day we have left!

1. Let a child know they are important to you.
2. Hug someone who needs a hug.

3. Whisper "You matter." to someone who may not hear that at home.
4. Tell a student you were GLAD that they were in your class this year.
5. Eat lunch next to a student who struggles with social relationships.  
6. Buy a random student a lunch treat (I'll pay!) and ask about their summer plans.
7. Ask your students what they are PASSIONATE about, and be ready to be amazed!
8. Have your student's give each other a compliment. 
9. Take a walk outside.
10. Ask your students what they would have done differently. 
11. Discuss your favorite activities or memory from this year.
12. Do a happy dance like no one is watching! (try gonoodle!)
13. Go sit outside (when the rain stops or it gets super HOT!) and read an inspirational book! I have a few you can read if you need some goodies!

These are all FREE, easy and a fantastic way to make a difference between now and then. A child will remember YOU and the way you have made them feel more than they'll EVER remember a lesson. 

So, I!

Let's End the school year off as the difference Makers we all ARE!

Friday, April 24, 2015


Do you remember that very first day of school...where you were the true new kid. You knew no one. You didn't know the classrooms. The teachers weren't familiar with that Special smell when you hugged them. You are introducing yourself to everyone nervously. Well, that was me. Here at Raymond Academy, during the first week in August. 

My palms were sweaty. I was super anxious and scared even of if they would like me. What if I sound funny to them. What if I don't fit in. The only difference is...I'm not the new kid on the block, I'm an adult. This isn't my first day of school, I've been in SCHOOLS (education) for the last decade. And, well, everything is true! 

I was welcomed with open arms but it's hard when you are new right? So, what makes me #LOVEthisschool...

My admin: I have complete support of my administration. They don't always understand my thinking (I tend to have GLOBAL ideas, lol) but they are warm, honest and understanding. This is my first year outside of a classroom and since I have stepped out of the classrooms LOTS of opportunities I flooded into my lap. My principal, and both assistant principals have supported every. step. of. the. WAY! I'm just hoping they understand that with these opportunities means SO much more I will implement as a Cheerleader as time goes on! So excited to continue to learn, share and TEACH others!

The leadership TEAM: What do you get when you combine every possibly personality into one????
The human knot! Not exactly. lol

An extremely creative team with one common goal: Student Success! It's been interesting working with Lead Learners on my campus. I have already learned so much from them and I love how they support my ideas as well!

The students: This one is interesting. Why? Because you would think I'm just talking about those sweet little faces that scream, "Mrs. Glass!" when they see me...the ones who hug me super tight when I come into their classrooms. buttttt....those ARE NOTE the students I'm talking about. I love them, truly I do... but the Superstar Students I speak of are the Teachers! Who Knew! Seriously?!?

As an instructional technology specialist, I'm in the role to assist them teachers directly! I walked into this school with so much to do but the goal and focus was and will continue to be those who seek me out...get a relieved look on their face when I enter the room and whose faces light up with the Ahaaa Moment when they learn something new and THEN realize just how great it can be when their students experience it too!

For all of this and what's to come...#ILOVETHISSCHOOL!

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