Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Remembering the past, to #moveFORWARD

As an educator, we all know we wear an unlimited number of hats at any given time. On any given day, we can be a nurse, comforter, custodian, cook, counselor, comedian, secretary, parent...the list goes on and on. But so does the days. With less than a month until summer break is here, several moments over the past few years have come to the forefront of my memory.

 We all know the saying, you must know where you come from(your past) to know where you going. Well, while reminiscing, I looked at several moments with some of my former students. Especially those who helped mold me into the educator I am today. Every time I think about what I should do next, I get emotional, remember the promises I made to my students. I looked at all of the projects we worked on, how we reached out to work with so many in our community to change things that THEY wanted to see. And how we (together) created opportunities to show how very important SCIENCE was in their world. I also seen how deeply involved their parents were in making these opportunities a reality as well as me developing into one of those parents--as you can spot my own child at all of the events, activities and opportunities.




So, I started thinking, what did I promise those kids? I promised them that they would be my FOREVER students. I remember holding this conversation several times over my years in the classroom. I remember one student, who told me, "you won't remember when I'm gone...you're just my 4th grade teacher." And my response was, "are you dying tomorrow? You may be in my classroom today, but I will be your teacher ALWAYS!" O.M.G...am I keeping my promise?

I remember explaining to the kids that my job is to let my passion shine so bright that it spills into your subconsciousness and becomes a constant reminder when your courses become more difficult (in Math & Science) in the future. Remember how fun it is to wonder...and ask out loud, "I wonder if, or I wonder why?"

I told them I would provide opportunities to explore STEM more indepth. I promised a trip to Space Camp--just like I was granted an opportunity.

And today, as I look into what's next as I #moveFORWARD, I'm drawn to the new opportunities I possess. Teaching all about Computer Science. How soon, I will be recognized as an innovative coach, but I'm constantly asked the question what's next? What MORE can you do? How it "appears" as though you are #teamTOOmuch....My answer is: It's time to remember the promises I made, and be the support for my FOREVER kids--so they can continue to educate those that will come after them.

Let's all #moveFORWARD together!