Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Remembering the past, to #moveFORWARD

As an educator, we all know we wear an unlimited number of hats at any given time. On any given day, we can be a nurse, comforter, custodian, cook, counselor, comedian, secretary, parent...the list goes on and on. But so does the days. With less than a month until summer break is here, several moments over the past few years have come to the forefront of my memory.

 We all know the saying, you must know where you come from(your past) to know where you going. Well, while reminiscing, I looked at several moments with some of my former students. Especially those who helped mold me into the educator I am today. Every time I think about what I should do next, I get emotional, remember the promises I made to my students. I looked at all of the projects we worked on, how we reached out to work with so many in our community to change things that THEY wanted to see. And how we (together) created opportunities to show how very important SCIENCE was in their world. I also seen how deeply involved their parents were in making these opportunities a reality as well as me developing into one of those parents--as you can spot my own child at all of the events, activities and opportunities.




So, I started thinking, what did I promise those kids? I promised them that they would be my FOREVER students. I remember holding this conversation several times over my years in the classroom. I remember one student, who told me, "you won't remember when I'm gone...you're just my 4th grade teacher." And my response was, "are you dying tomorrow? You may be in my classroom today, but I will be your teacher ALWAYS!" O.M.G...am I keeping my promise?

I remember explaining to the kids that my job is to let my passion shine so bright that it spills into your subconsciousness and becomes a constant reminder when your courses become more difficult (in Math & Science) in the future. Remember how fun it is to wonder...and ask out loud, "I wonder if, or I wonder why?"

I told them I would provide opportunities to explore STEM more indepth. I promised a trip to Space Camp--just like I was granted an opportunity.

And today, as I look into what's next as I #moveFORWARD, I'm drawn to the new opportunities I possess. Teaching all about Computer Science. How soon, I will be recognized as an innovative coach, but I'm constantly asked the question what's next? What MORE can you do? How it "appears" as though you are #teamTOOmuch....My answer is: It's time to remember the promises I made, and be the support for my FOREVER kids--so they can continue to educate those that will come after them.

Let's all #moveFORWARD together!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

What can YOU do in 13 Days?

This 2014-15 School year is coming to an end and there's officially 13 school days left. Have you heard the saying, "you only have__days left in school!" From my PLN via #txeduchat, the conversation addressed what if we looked at the end of the year as, "only 13 more days to make a difference?'

An Educator, shared this blog, and I wanted to share these ideas with you. I wanted to share 13 short and inspiring things you can do to make a difference in a child's life between now and June 4th. I challenge you to pick ONE for each day we have left!

1. Let a child know they are important to you.
2. Hug someone who needs a hug.

3. Whisper "You matter." to someone who may not hear that at home.
4. Tell a student you were GLAD that they were in your class this year.
5. Eat lunch next to a student who struggles with social relationships.  
6. Buy a random student a lunch treat (I'll pay!) and ask about their summer plans.
7. Ask your students what they are PASSIONATE about, and be ready to be amazed!
8. Have your student's give each other a compliment. 
9. Take a walk outside.
10. Ask your students what they would have done differently. 
11. Discuss your favorite activities or memory from this year.
12. Do a happy dance like no one is watching! (try gonoodle!)
13. Go sit outside (when the rain stops or it gets super HOT!) and read an inspirational book! I have a few you can read if you need some goodies!

These are all FREE, easy and a fantastic way to make a difference between now and then. A child will remember YOU and the way you have made them feel more than they'll EVER remember a lesson. 

So, I double.dog.dare.YOU!

Let's End the school year off as the difference Makers we all ARE!

Friday, April 24, 2015


Do you remember that very first day of school...where you were the true new kid. You knew no one. You didn't know the classrooms. The teachers weren't familiar with that Special smell when you hugged them. You are introducing yourself to everyone nervously. Well, that was me. Here at Raymond Academy, during the first week in August. 

My palms were sweaty. I was super anxious and scared even of if they would like me. What if I sound funny to them. What if I don't fit in. The only difference is...I'm not the new kid on the block, I'm an adult. This isn't my first day of school, I've been in SCHOOLS (education) for the last decade. And, well, everything is true! 

I was welcomed with open arms but it's hard when you are new right? So, what makes me #LOVEthisschool...

My admin: I have complete support of my administration. They don't always understand my thinking (I tend to have GLOBAL ideas, lol) but they are warm, honest and understanding. This is my first year outside of a classroom and since I have stepped out of the classrooms LOTS of opportunities I flooded into my lap. My principal, and both assistant principals have supported every. step. of. the. WAY! I'm just hoping they understand that with these opportunities means SO much more I will implement as a Cheerleader as time goes on! So excited to continue to learn, share and TEACH others!

The leadership TEAM: What do you get when you combine every possibly personality into one????
The human knot! Not exactly. lol

An extremely creative team with one common goal: Student Success! It's been interesting working with Lead Learners on my campus. I have already learned so much from them and I love how they support my ideas as well!

The students: This one is interesting. Why? Because you would think I'm just talking about those sweet little faces that scream, "Mrs. Glass!" when they see me...the ones who hug me super tight when I come into their classrooms. buttttt....those ARE NOTE the students I'm talking about. I love them, truly I do... but the Superstar Students I speak of are the Teachers! Who Knew! Seriously?!?

As an instructional technology specialist, I'm in the role to assist them teachers directly! I walked into this school with so much to do but the goal and focus was and will continue to be those who seek me out...get a relieved look on their face when I enter the room and whose faces light up with the Ahaaa Moment when they learn something new and THEN realize just how great it can be when their students experience it too!

For all of this and what's to come...#ILOVETHISSCHOOL!

To learn more about what's happening in my neck of the woods, check out my site


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Why I'm Google-ly eyes for education these days

O.k. to start, I feel like a failure. Again. I challenged myself to focus and commit to one thing and I failed that challenge...miserably--by attempting to blog everyday for 30 days. Enough of the pity party. I'm still blogging, just a little more realistically.

Why am I going Google-ly eyes for education? Well, one, because of Google. Thanks +GAFE for ALL of the updates to Google daily. With this being my first year outside of the classroom (so to speak), I thought it would be a struggle to connect with educators and students alike. Then came Google Apps for Education. My school district open the doors to all and encouraged iTechs like myself to expose others to all GAFE has to offer. My newest method of connected educators in Google+. I have had an account (like most of us) for a couple of years now, and distinctively remember my brother telling me he was banning Facebook to be strictly G+. I didn't quite understand that notion then but today, in the world of academia, I see the ENTIRE picture.

Google+ allows me to reach the staff on my campus, my entire community of iTechs, the thousands of educators in my district, not to mention the rest of the world. I love how we connect in various communities. It was pure genius to call the groups 'communities' because you truly feel a part of a community collaborating with others. I share everything here! We share information on every known topic, flyers for upcoming professional developments, a ha moments, Google Docs, Slides, Sheets,(you get the pic), and most importantly we are sharing knowledge.

I hear many say, "I'm not that 'tech savy'" (whatever that means), but when you share what you have learned with someone else using an online application you are in the now with technology. My definition of technology: anything you can take and make better than when you found it. This school year, I'm sharing technology with everyone I meet.

Recently my colleagues and I hosted a technology conference in our district entitled TCCA. I invited my co-workers to attend (which 15 educators came).

They came to the conference to learn something new but I had to add rigor, so I gave them a challenge. They stepped up to the challenge and even surpassed my expectations. So many of them took selfies, tweeted, posted on G+ and even blogged about their experiences. I realized watching them explore technology that I'm still educating children...just through them! That day...and every day...I'm educating others on how to become a connected educator!

As I continue to prepare myself to become a GCE (Google Certified Educator), I understand more and more my role in education these days....and it's exciting!

Monday, October 6, 2014

My Blogging Challenge: Day 5

Have you ever reflected on your professional Space? Today's blogging challenge does just that! Today, I challenge you to take a glance around your classroom, office, or professional space and describe what YOU see....I did.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

This blogger's challenge: Day 4

This will be really interesting....Why does Shaina Victoria Glass teach?

O.M.G. Why do I teach? Why? Simple. The kids!

Yes, that was simple enough and I'm done, right? Not quite. Everyone says that don't they? Not sure what everyone else says but truthfully, I do it for the children.To make THINGS different.

Let's see. Unlike many passionate teachers, I didn't go to college to get a degree in education. My degree and passion is Art. Seriously. I love expressing my creative side. I love when others share their creativeness as well. I tear up when my 5 year old paints with water colors. Don't know why, I just do. It's me. So how did I become a teacher...The answer: through art.

I was working at the Baltimore Museum of Art on an internship where we brought Art into inner city schools and watch students learn everything from Math to History from Visual Arts. Regardless of if they created the product or if they were observing, describing or even writing about someone else's product, students were hooked and so was I.

I knew then I would teach. I imagined it being an educator within the Museum of Fine Arts but instead in came in the form of a small inner city school in Acres Homes, Texas (country in the middle of Houston for those unfamiliar). It was almost as big of a challenge as this blog challenge. Lol.

The kids. The kids' parents. The environment in which they belong. Their culture. Their own challenges, gaps, deficiencies. It was a lot. But I loved every minute of it! Yes, many would call me crazy. I gave my all every, single, day. And in the 9 years I was in the classroom, so did my students. They knew I expected it. And most of them tried to give nothing less. No joke. And I still expect them to.. I just completed 5 letters of recommendations from students I have taught. As I write this, I am thinking of ways to stay a "connected educator" to all of those who have transformed my life: my students. Funny. I was their teacher but I constantly was the student. I was just like them. I was seeking more educational opportunities and sucking up the information like a sponge so I could share it with them! I teach because I love to see students strive for their best. I love when they wonder, imagine, infer, create, problem solve, conclude and justify!

They might not like it, but I will continue to share with them..teach them..connect with them....I'm hooked. I'm still a teacher. Just a little different. And, truthfully, I wouldn't have it any other way.