Sunday, October 5, 2014

This blogger's challenge: Day 4

This will be really interesting....Why does Shaina Victoria Glass teach?

O.M.G. Why do I teach? Why? Simple. The kids!

Yes, that was simple enough and I'm done, right? Not quite. Everyone says that don't they? Not sure what everyone else says but truthfully, I do it for the children.To make THINGS different.

Let's see. Unlike many passionate teachers, I didn't go to college to get a degree in education. My degree and passion is Art. Seriously. I love expressing my creative side. I love when others share their creativeness as well. I tear up when my 5 year old paints with water colors. Don't know why, I just do. It's me. So how did I become a teacher...The answer: through art.

I was working at the Baltimore Museum of Art on an internship where we brought Art into inner city schools and watch students learn everything from Math to History from Visual Arts. Regardless of if they created the product or if they were observing, describing or even writing about someone else's product, students were hooked and so was I.

I knew then I would teach. I imagined it being an educator within the Museum of Fine Arts but instead in came in the form of a small inner city school in Acres Homes, Texas (country in the middle of Houston for those unfamiliar). It was almost as big of a challenge as this blog challenge. Lol.

The kids. The kids' parents. The environment in which they belong. Their culture. Their own challenges, gaps, deficiencies. It was a lot. But I loved every minute of it! Yes, many would call me crazy. I gave my all every, single, day. And in the 9 years I was in the classroom, so did my students. They knew I expected it. And most of them tried to give nothing less. No joke. And I still expect them to.. I just completed 5 letters of recommendations from students I have taught. As I write this, I am thinking of ways to stay a "connected educator" to all of those who have transformed my life: my students. Funny. I was their teacher but I constantly was the student. I was just like them. I was seeking more educational opportunities and sucking up the information like a sponge so I could share it with them! I teach because I love to see students strive for their best. I love when they wonder, imagine, infer, create, problem solve, conclude and justify!

They might not like it, but I will continue to share with them..teach them..connect with them....I'm hooked. I'm still a teacher. Just a little different. And, truthfully, I wouldn't have it any other way.

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